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Why choose us?

100% payout

We distribute 100% WAVES fees with our leasers, without fees. In addition, every week we distribute exclusive tokens of the most interesting current projects based on Waves Platform. Payouts every week.

Wavesing token

Created for use the services offered by Wavesing Node. 1 million will be distributed to the leasers through weekly node payouts, eventually in the future will be available through Waves DEX.

Lend your forging power to a node

Lend your forging power to a node without your WAVES leaving the wallet. This enables anyone to participate in the forging process without having to operate a node himself. Additionally, the lessor receives a part of the network reward in return.



Last block
Generating balance
50254.12954946 WAVES
Total rewards
9126.94805640 WAVES
Payouts every Monday!
A new ecosystem

Wavesing Token

The official node token is the only accepted currency to use all the services offered. Regular exclusive airdrops will be accomplished to all holder with a certain amount of this token.

Wavesing Token

Wavesing Priorities

  • Support Waves platform
  • Be completely clear
  • Reward the Wavesing Node community
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Frequently asked questions

How to start to lease

We have made a video to show the process in the easiest way possible. Please, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aui3aQgSujs

How much will I get for

There is no regular revenue because every week is different. The rewards comes from the processed transactions fees. If a week is processed a lot of transactions we get more fees, but in a week with less transactions, we get less fees. Anyway, you can get between 2% - 5% of your leasing in payouts.

What special airdrops can I get

We talk frequently with other interesting projects to distribute some of his token with our leasers. In this way, they acquire popularity and our leasers get a coin that can be of great value in a short time.

When I will receive the payouts

Every Monday.

There is minimum to start leasing

No. But as the fee to start a leasing is 0.001 WAVES there is no sense sending less than that amount.

How to get support

The fastest and easiest way to contact us is via our Telegram group: t.me/wavesingNode